SER Group, Societa Energie Rinnovabili S.P.A (“SER”), is ranked in the top 10 of wind power producers in Italy with a capacity of 245 MW. Following significant growth between 2009 and 2012, the company is dedicated to operational management activities.

SER was established in 2000 and in June 2016 was aquired b CEF 3 S.P.A SER successfully constructed 11 wind farms, together with their electrical substations, in some particularly challenging terrains.

Alongside construction, SER also managed other aspects of the project including financing activities. SER has made efforts to ensure that the project was environmentally-friendly in its construction and completion phases.

In a bid to do this, the means of transporting the wind turbines was adapted to reduce pressure on the public roads and natural engineering works were used.

SER – today

Today, SER’s activities are mainly focused on the operation and maintenance of wind farms,increasing its experience in several areas including plant management, operation and maintenance, security, power forecasting and compliance with regulations.
SER has expanded its registered office and headquarters in Sicily, which had previously been focussed on construction activities.
The office is now an innovative, mutlifunctional and operational control room (OCR) which, in addition to other functions, enables SER to monitor the wind farms remotely and forecast production.

Related activities

SER is committed to the innovation of the renewable energy industry, including promoting the integration of renewable sources with smart energy grids and electricity markets.
SER has a track record of committment to innovation projects and was recorded as one of the first operators in Italy to register for REMIT, which promotes the integrity and transparency of the wholesale electricity market.
SER also participates in the Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) for electricity from renewable energy sources.